scared of the dentist

Scared of the Dentist? Here’s Why You Needn’t Be!

Being scared of the dentist is so common it’s surprising people don’t dress up as dentists for Halloween. If you’re scared of the dentist, know that you are not alone! An enormous percentage of the population suffers from mild dental anxiety. Others may suffer from dental phobia, a more serious condition causing excessive fear. Whatever the reason behind your fear, your oral hygiene and health are essential. Education in modern dentistry may make your visit…

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tooth knocked out

Tooth Knocked Out: A First Aid Guide

Accidents can happen at any time, and our teeth aren’t immune to them. If you accidentally have a tooth knocked out, don’t panic. By following proper first aid and seeking an emergency dentist ASAP there is a chance you can save your tooth. At Dental on York, we have a team of highly trained emergency dentists who are here to help. 

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Emergency root canal

5 Signs You Need an Emergency Root Canal

Are you experiencing intense tooth pain? This may be a sign you need an emergency root canal. A root canal treatment is performed on a severely infected tooth. It’s often the best chance of saving the tooth before extraction is required. But don’t worry, root canal treatments are not as scary as you might think. With modern dentistry, they are said to be no more uncomfortable than having a filling. 

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overcoming dental anxiety

Overcoming Dental Anxiety: 5 Tips and Tricks to Help You

Does the thought of going to the dentist make you squirm? You’re not alone, dental anxiety is a real thing that many people experience. It may have begun in childhood or as an adult. However it developed, it’s important to know there are ways of overcoming dental anxiety. Avoidance may seem like the best solution, but this can have terrible consequences for your oral health.

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Avoid needing an emergency dentist

6 Ways to Avoid Needing an Emergency Dentist

Wouldn’t it be great if we could avoid all accidents and injuries? Well, we can’t guarantee this but there are certain steps you can take to avoid needing an emergency dentist. An emergency dentist is an expert in treating injuries, accidents and other urgent dental problems. At Dental on York in Sydney, we’ve treated many patients with emergency dental needs. Our team of highly trained dentists can quickly and comfortably assess the situation and provide treatment options. 

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7 signs and symptoms of TMJ

7 Signs and Symptoms of TMJ Disorder that Should Not be Ignored

If you’ve ever wondered what the signs and symptoms of TMJ disorder are, this article is for you.  We all have two temporomandibular joints (TMJ) on each side of our jaw. These joints allow us to open and close our mouths. Without them we wouldn’t be able to speak or chew. These joints get a lot of work (especially if you’re a chatterbox), so it’s not surprising that they get tender sometimes. However, sometimes this…

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