Common Partial Denture Problems You May Have And Why

partial denture problems

Dentures can replace a single tooth or an entire mouth of teeth. Complete dentures can replace an entire mouth of missing teeth, and partial dentures can replace one or just a few. At Dental on York, we work with the latest dental technology to produce top-quality dentures. Are you experiencing partial denture problems?

In this article, we discuss partial denture problems you may be experiencing and why. 

Partial denture problems

Dentures have come a long way with modern dentistry however people can still experience issues with them. Partial dentures are made with a metal frame that holds the appliance in place. Here are some common partial denture problems:

Gum and mouth irritation

If your dentures are not properly fitted, they can irritate your gums and mouth. Make sure you see a qualified and experienced dentist when getting your dentures made and fitted. They can also become loose after prolonged wear. If you notice your dentures have become loose it’s best to ask your dentist to make adjustments. 

Difficulty chewing and speaking

When you first begin wearing your partial dentures they can feel a little odd. You may have difficulty pronouncing words and chewing food. Give yourself some time to get used to them. Practice speaking and pronouncing words more slowly. It’s also recommended that you avoid hard or chewy foods for the first few days. 

Denture slippage

You may have noticed your partial dentures slipping from time to time. This is because they require muscle power from your cheeks, tongue, and lips to stay in place. All these muscles have to work together to keep your partial dentures in place (particularly when talking and eating). Your mouth should get used to them after a while but if they continue to slip you should speak to your dentist. 

Mouth infections

Your dentures are a foreign body to your mouth. Occasionally they can cause infections such as cheilitis and stomatitis. The best way to avoid these infections is to keep your dentures and natural teeth clean. If you think you may have an infection you should speak to your dentist. 

How can I avoid these problems?

Most of these partial denture problems are avoidable. Here are our tips on how to avoid them:

  • Get your dentures fitted properly 
  • Take smaller bites of food
  • Chew your food slowly and evenly
  • Eat soft foods (avoid sticky foods)
  • Speak slowly 
  • Clean your natural teeth twice daily
  • Give yourself time to get used to the feeling
  • Use denture adhesives 
  • See your dentist regularly

Quick tips for taking care of your partial dentures

It’s important to get dentures that are well fitted and made of high-quality materials. On top of that, you should also take good care of them. Here are our tips for taking care of your partial dentures:

Never sleep with your dentures in

You should always remove your dentures before going to bed. You can keep a little container next to your bed to pop them in. Occasionally your dentist may advise you to sleep in your dentures, but otherwise, you should always remove them. 

Clean your dentures daily

Here are a few ways to clean your partial dentures:

  • Soak your dentures overnight in a denture cleaning solution
  • Use a soft-bristled brush to clean them each morning before putting them in
  • Use plain soap and warm water when cleaning them (not toothpaste)
  • Ask your dentist for recommendations on denture cleaning solutions
  • Never use household cleaning products (such as bleach) on your dentures as it damages them.

Store your dentures properly

Dentures are delicate and can be prone to breaking. Make sure you store them out of harm’s way. Keep a container next to your bed or a small cup of denture cleaner to put them in each night. When cleaning them make sure you have a folded towel beneath you in case you drop them. Make sure they are out of reach of small children and pets. 

Dental on York is here to help

If you’re experiencing any of these partial denture problems speak to one of our friendly dentists at Dental on York. We use the latest dental technology and top-quality materials. If you’d like to know, more give us a call.

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