If you feel nervous, anxious or afraid when thinking about a visit to the dentist, then you’re not alone. But, it’s important not to avoid treatments that are necessary for maintaining your oral health.

Our team of empathetic dental professionals are experienced in treating people with dental anxiety. At Dental on York, your comfort is our top priority and we aim to create a stress-free and relaxed environment.

How can we help with dental anxiety?

a dentist showing a woman information from a tablet device

Our dentists will work with you to create a personalised approach to your treatment that suits your individual circumstances. There are many ways we can make the whole experience easier for you. For example, some patients benefit from headphones or listening to their favourite music.

If you prefer, we can also give you more detailed explanations of what we’re doing as we go through each step of your treatment or exam. IV sedation is also an option to reduce anxiety.

Please get in touch with our friendly team to make an appointment.