How Long Do Dental Crowns Last?

how long do dental crowns last

“How long do dental crowns last?” is a question that doesn’t have a firm answer. This is because it depends on multiple factors including how well you care for your teeth. When properly placed by a professional dentist using top-quality technologies and techniques, can last for years, decades or even a lifetime.  

At Dental on York, our dentists are highly trained and have performed countless crown treatments. In this article, we will look at what a crown is and the factors that determine how long a crown will last.

What is a Dental Crown

dental crown is like a cap for an existing tooth which is used to cover decay or damage. The crown is custom made to match the existing tooth colour. 

Crowns can be used for both restorative and cosmetic reasons. They can be used to cover damage, discolouration, and minimise the appearance of gaps and misalignment. Crowns are made from multiple materials including:

  • Porcelain
  • Gold
  • Composite resin
  • Metal

These materials vary in cost and durability. Your dentist will talk you through these options and help decide what is best for you. Crowns can be used to cover different teeth in different locations in your mouth. They are designed in a way that will not affect your natural smile instead they should enhance it. 

Dental Crown Procedure

The procedure will most likely take place over two appointments with your dentist. 

  1. The dental issue is identified by your dentist and x-rays taken. 
  2. The tooth is cleaned and trimmed to make room for the crown. 
  3. An impression of the tooth is taken and sent to a specialised lab where the crown is made. During this process, a temporary crown will be put on. 
  4. The permanent crown is fixed to your tooth with a special adhesive. 

How Long Do Dental Crowns Last?

Let’s look at some factors that will determine the lifespan of your crown:

  • The material – gold and metal crowns tend to last the longest but will be more costly and will not match your natural tooth colour. Porcelain and ceramic crowns are natural-looking but tend not to last as long. Resin is thought to wear down the quickest but is probably the most cost-effective and natural of the options. 
  • Location of the crown – crowns used at the back of the mouth will last longer than those at the front. 
  • Oral hygiene and care – like anything the better you look after it the longer it will last. 
  • Accident or injury – an unavoidable problem that could affect your crown. 
  • Installation – an inferior placement method will lessen the longevity of your crown. This is why it is important to see a qualified and reputable dentist. 
  • Condition of the existing tooth – if the tooth below the crown was already significantly damaged it could affect the lifespan of your crown. 
  • Grinding and clenching – some people grind and clench more than others. It is often a hard habit to kick as it can go unnoticed or happen during sleep. Over time, this habit can do damage to a dental crown.
  • Gum disease – diseased gums can negatively impact your crown. 

With all of this said dental crowns are still considered the optimum solution for many dental problems and with good care can serve you well.

Caring for Your Dental Crown

One of the main ways you can lengthen the life of your crown is with proper care. Here are some tips:

  • Brush gently with a soft toothbrush. This is important for your oral care regardless of whether or not you have a crown but will certainly optimise the life you get from it. Make sure you brush carefully, twice a day for approximately 2 minutes. 
  • Floss every day, again be careful especially between the crown and surrounding teeth. 
  • Use a sensitive fluoride-based toothpaste. 
  • Avoid hard foods and when chewing be mindful of the crown’s location. 
  • If you know that you grind your teeth during the night, then you might consider a sleep mouthguard. 
  • Consider wearing a mouthguard if you play contact sports. 

If your crown breaks or comes off, then contact your dentist immediately to organise a replacement. 

How your Sydney CBD Dentist can Help You

So, how long do dental crowns last? As you can see, there are many factors that determine how well your crown will last. With proper care and attention to detail by your dentist, your crown can last for many years. 

At Dental On York, we take the greatest care with all our patients. Your health and comfort is our priority. If you would like to know more about dental crowns or other treatment options then give us a call.  

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