How To Get Through a Root Canal When You Have Dental Anxiety

Root canal when you have dental anxiety

The thought of going through a root canal when you have dental anxiety may make you shiver. However, avoiding such treatments may be detrimental to your oral health. Rather than avoiding them, you should practice ways of overcoming or working through your dental anxiety. At Dental on York, we understand that dental anxiety is common and we are passionate about helping our patients through it.

In this article, we discuss some ways to get through a root canal when you have dental anxiety. 

Getting through a root canal when you have dental anxiety

Many people feel nervous at the thought of a root canal treatment. This may be especially true if you suffer from dental anxiety. But it’s actually a fairly common and straightforward dental procedure. That’s why we’ve compiled our top tips on how to get through your root canal procedure:

Speak to your dentist

Be open about your feelings. Remember that dental anxiety is extremely common, and dentists understand this. If you’re feeling nervous at the thought of undergoing a root canal treatment, then let your dentist know. Your dentist can take extra steps to ensure you feel comfortable and relaxed. 

Practice meditation

Meditation is one of the best ways of overcoming anxiety. You may like to begin practising meditation before your treatment, so you get used to it. There are plenty of free apps to help you get a start. You can then bring your headphones along to your dental appointment and listen to your meditation app during the procedure. 

Bring a friend or relative with you

Don’t be afraid to ask a friend or family member to come along with you. Having a familiar face there to hold your hand and reassure you can make the world of difference. Remember that dentists are used to patients with dental anxiety and will be more than happy to accommodate a friend or relative. 

Listen to relaxing music or a podcast

If meditation isn’t your thing, then try relaxing music. Bring your headphones along and listen to your favourite playlist. This can help you calm your nerves and make the experience more relaxing. If music doesn’t work, then try a podcast. Having a story to distract you can also be beneficial. 

Why you don’t need to fear root canal treatment

To many people, the idea of a root canal brings up scary, painful images. But in reality, a root canal treatment is a standard procedure that should be no more painful or uncomfortable than a filling. Here are some reasons why you don’t need to fear a root canal treatment: 

Remember that a root canal treatment relieves pain

If you’re needing a root canal treatment, then you’re probably already in a bit of pain. Remember that the procedure is performed to alleviate that pain, it won’t make it worse. If you avoid the procedure, you are only making that pain worse. You are also causing further damage to your teeth that may be irreversible. Once the procedure is complete, you’ll feel much better. 

A root canal treatment saves your natural tooth

A root canal treatment is often the last resort before dental extraction. By undergoing a root canal procedure, you are probably saving your natural tooth. By saving your natural tooth you are extending the health and life of all your teeth. This means fewer dental treatments in the future. 

Root canal treatments are a quick procedure

Root canal treatments are a stand day procedure. The entire treatment usually takes between 60 to 90 minutes. Your dentist will also administer a local anaesthetic to numb the area, meaning you should only feel a slight sensation. There also isn’t much downtime after the procedure. You’ll be back to your normal routine in no time. 

Gentle and reliable root canal in Sydney

If you feel nervous about needing a root canal procedure, then talk to one of our friendly dentists. We understand that many people feel anxious at the thought of a root canal treatment. That’s why we take extra steps to ensure our patients feel calm and reassured. Give us a call to learn more about the procedure and book in for a consultation today.

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